Dropsheep Seller Place Order SOP

Guidance for Seller: No.1 - 10


1. Lets Start!



2. Sign Up & Login.



3. Add to Cart correctly.



4. Proceed to Check Out.



5. Fill up all the details accordingly and correctly.



6. Kindly follow the format given.



7. Select Bank Transfer before place order.



8. Merge all the AWB/CN, Receipt, Invoice together and upload (See below 9.).

PDF MERGE URL Link : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pdf-merge-download-and-vi/dkbfejclfojkopkjjghcnhpkokigamkf?hl=en



9. OR Upload Separately w/t merge.



10. Lastly your order is completed, thankss for your great patient! 
      We will handle the fulfillment part from here.